Jen Kirwin

I am a standup comic and writer. I am also the host of Expat Comedy Night, based in Lausanne & Geneva, Switzerland.


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Jen Kirwin - Live at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, U.K.

August 1st to 25th, 2024

Join Jen Kirwin for her Fringe Fest debut! -- or as her teenage daughter calls it "Cringe Fest". Jen takes us on a hilarious, spit-fire ride on parenting in the current climate of TikTok and Instagram (Facebook is for old people apparently). As an American living in France, she shares the awkwardness of interacting with other French moms with their impeccable parenting style while realizing, deep down, they are just as insecure and clueless as herself.... They just look more chic while raising their own little narcissist.

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Since you are here, you should watch my 20-minute comedy video "Safe".  It's my first time back on stage in a large theater after lock down.

Here's the trailer.

Jen xx

Live at ComedyHaus (Zürich, Switzerland)

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